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Automated quality control – Testing more efficiently and cost-effectively from £8,674

With an automated quality control repetitive inspection processes can be carried out efficiently and precisely using robots.
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Buying industrial robots–5 tips for making the right choice

industrial robot sorting parts
You want to buy an industrial robot, but are unsure what to bear in mind when choosing? We've summarised five tips for selecting the right robot.
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Gluing and dosing with low-cost robots from £6,796

You can efficiently automate dispensing tasks with robots. For example the application of adhesives, sealants, paints and insulating foams.
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Pick and place robots for automated processes from £11,723

Scara robot picking and placing test tubes
A pick-and-place robot transports an object from location A to location B. These are often repetitive and time-consuming activities.
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Robot with camera system — A solution in 6 steps

close up of a camera
A robot needs a camera system! Or does it? This text will tell you when Robot Vision makes sense and how to choose the right camera.
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Robots for events, trade shows and product presentations

woman stands in behind a robot
You can't see how you can use a robot for events or product presentations? Be inspired by the following examples.
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Subsidy for automation and digitalization - Get your grant now!

Most German states independently promote the purchase of robotic components for the automation and digitization of manufacturing processes.
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